Leadership Training for Managers (3 Day)

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Today’s business leaders influence employees’ choices and assist them in reaching goals. Rather than direct and dictate, they inspire and motivate!
The business world has changed! Instead of pushing people to achieve, successful leaders pull people to succeed, requiring a new skill set to make it to the top. Learn how to stop managing and start leading, to play a vital part in your organization's future. A good manager is not always a good leader.
Learn the differences between managing and leading. Move toward a more direct leadership style and away from a management-based style. Stop pushing and start pulling.
Register yourself for success. Leadership Training for Managers will transform you from yesterday's manager to tomorrow's leader. 

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Anyone who interacts with internal or external customers, project team leaders, employees who serve on teams, or managers who want to enhance their leadership skills development in order to achieve outstanding results.


Understanding the distinction between personal leadership and organizational leadership
Creating an innovation process and understanding the planning process
Understanding the performance process and accountability
Creating a coaching and appraisal process
Improving problem analysis and decision – making
Recognizing human potential
Employing a delegation process
Handling mistakes
Building quality communication to lead and facilitate more effective meetings
Striving for continuous improvement


"This course qualifies for college credit and/or a Professional Development Certificate program offered by one of our University partners. For more information please click here"


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Pour améliorer performance et résultats au niveau individuel, d'une équipe ou d'une entreprise, le point de départ est une conversation pour clarifier vos objectifs et les défis humains qui se posent pour les atteindre.

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